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Who Is To Blame ????

Now that it’s quiet we can sit back and reflect on the season gone by. If one is a harsh judge then surely they must consider the season as a total failure. We failed to capture any silverware and we failed to enter the Champions League. If one is not a harsh judge then the season gone by was almost as successful as that of the last 2 years under Harry. Finishing 4th, 5th and 4th. I certainly am not one of those. The crunch question is “WHO IS TO BLAME” ?

Harry…..the Players …..or Bad luck ?

Personally and despite being one of the harsh judges, I would blame all 3. The question is to what degree does each of the 3 factors come into the equation? Harry was not able to stop the bad run in the second half of the season. In my eyes, that is exactly what Harry was supposed to do and failed. A good master is he who rides the storm and not when waters are calm. The players are also to blame because it is them who are on the pitch and play the game. They also failed to deliver during the second half slump. OK Harry gives the orders but it’s the players who have to deliver and they did not. Points wasted were too many. Bad luck also played it’s part in the overall disaster for Spurs season. Second worst injury team in the PL has a lot to do with luck considering that M. City had the least injuries. Scored 16 goals of which none stood and yet 14 of them were later found to be good goals.

The Answer !!

You can’t blame luck because you don’t control it. It’s just one of those things you have to accept. You can’t blame the players who almost did their best. The effort was there but could not break down solid defences. But you can certainly blame Harry who failed in all aspects. Despite the above Harry should stay. We must hold on to Modric and Bale and we must improve our defence and attacking lines.

COYS !!!

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