Several Spurs supporters are overwhelmed with the fact that we managed to win our home game against an  Everton side that beat Wolfsburg ( currently 2nd in the Bundesliga) away on Thursday and topped their EL group.

A delirium of joy and cheers. Spurs are now back on the football scene and daring to go and do all those things that we all expected them to do at the beginning of the season. Confidence is back, out star players are producing and our coach is finally realizing which players to use and not use. Come on you Spurs is a delight to hear and makes one feel proud.

Yesterday we all witnessed a Spurs performance we have been missing for so long. The players, the coach and his staff the management and the owners ENIC owed us the supporters a decent performance and we got it last night. We are now back to winning ways and confidence is running high.

Once again Azza seems be a permanent part of the team. His performance was vital and he continuously spurred our attackers with his darting runs. Kane was the maestro and Eriksen was the executor. Soldado could be on his way back to playing like we all expected him when he first joined Spurs. In midfield Mason and Bentaleb seemed to do alright although playing together for the very first time. Fazio and Vertogen were strong and composed and Lloris stands tall like a giant. Davies had a good game and we really miss Walker and his attacking attributes on the right of the pitch.

However let’s not get carried away. Let’s not forget that the lads have to do it all over again on Wednesday against Mourinhos men who are hot favorites to win the title this season. Let’s all support Spurs in this most difficult of games and stand strong as their equals and not the underdogs. All the players have to do, is believe that we can be as good as they can. Drum it into their heads and fight like their lives depend on it.

Our one and only fear is the refereeing decisions that usually go in our opponents favor when we play the “other” big teams.  Yes you read it well, the “other” big teams because we are a big team and the players know it and will give their all on Wednesday night.




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