Unbelievable! Parker’s last action came in England’s Euro 2012 quarter-final loss to Italy on 24 June. He was forced off in extra-time and it is a curiosity that six and a half weeks have been allowed to pass before the surgery.

Whoever handled Parkers injury case should be sacked. Ridiculous, Pathetic and Amateurish!

Of course it’s easy to judge when you are on the outside but common sense speaks out loud for itself. Why the hell leave the matter pending and operate at the very last moment? Logical question for any Spurs fan who is not advised of the small little details that go on in the club for which we are not aware.

This is a big setback for the team especially with primadonna Modric wanting to opt out and Real Madrid not wanting to play DL game.

Jenas, Bentley = Old furniture we don’t use anymore. Again unbelievable how we have not managed to get rid of them all this time.

Still missing a proper strike force with lots of rumors on Damiao and a couple of others but nothing positive. It’s the same old story year after year. Personally I’m fed up of it. The other big clubs don’t have this problem. They sort their transfer matters out well in advance and enter the season well balance and firmly settled.

What is it with Spurs ???

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