Submitted by Polys

Last week’s result of 3 wins and collecting the 9 points was something that all Spurs fans have welcomed more than anything else. It was a massive week for Spurs while all our main rivals have been dropping points. Spurs it seems are in form! The team’s performances in the last three games have had their ups and downs during the games play but the overall ratio it shows that the team appears to be coming into a solid form of performances.

Dembelle and Sandro were outstanding as both players were defending and going forward creating chances. I think these two players are our best Central Midfield partnership. Dempsey and Sigurdsson have had their best games with their performances in the Liverpool and Fulham games.I can only hope that they will improve, because as more games come along we need to have a good and ready solid squad in place. Bale’s injury is a big worry for Spurs. Who will replace him? Andros Townsend or Falque? Both players have shown very good attacking and passing skills in the couple of games they have played this season and hopefully if they are chosen to fill the void called Bale they live up to the promise shown so far.

The game next Sunday away to Everton is a very crucial one and considering that Everton have drawn all their last three games and have dropped points, they will be all out to get maximum points. Hopefully if we put in a good strategic performance and our players continue to show passion and heart, they will block our opponents’ efforts to score

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