Submitted by Alex

I’m still scratching my head, on how on earth did we manage to lose the Everton game,  especially when we were all over them in the 2nd half!  Now we have our arch rivals breathing down our necks with only 1 point difference and Chelsea on the up after their emphatic victory over Napoli last night. Basically the third place slot is a three horse race with all three teams being Londoners.

A month or so ago, the skies were clear with a cushion of 13 points difference.  Everything was fine and we were flying in 7th heaven.  Today we are now down to reality and face a tough struggle if we are to achieve better than previous seasons.  A 4th place finish will not be considered as a success, but as a failure to improve on the last few seasons.  Without CL football and without a bigger stadium we will be condemned to mediocrity for several years to come.  It has been proven that playing players out of position just does not work on a consistent basis and is overall a drawback.  So no more Modric on the left wing and Bale on the right pleaseeeeeee!!!

We have to tighten up in our defence, and we have to maintain a steady momentum during all 90 minutes of the game. The players will have to go up one more gear and give 115%. They have to want to win every remaining game whether it’s at home or away.  Harry has to stop any talk about the England manager job until the season has ended and he has to motivate our players to such an extent that they will feel unbeatable.

A convincing win over Bolton this Saturday will be the beginning.


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