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It was exactly this time last year we progressed to the fourth round of the FA Cup. It was exactly this time last year we were sitting comfortably in 3rd place with the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea behind us. It was exactly this time last year we only managed to sign 33 and 34 year old players. This year we have signed 20 and 21 year youngsters who in my opinion are for the possible future but not for now.

For now we need to improve our attack especially when our out of form striker decides at the last minute to go and play in Africa. With Defoe up front on his own we are walking a tight rope. I know some might say that we also have Dempsey, Bale, Lennon and even Sigurdsson to use as attacking players, but in all honesty despite being good players they are not your killer goal scorers and that is exactly what we need and what we have been missing for a long time.

Looking ahead, we have QPR who I’m sure will want to repeat the Chelsea Victory, then follow Manchester United and a tough February and March schedule also taking into consideration the UEFA cup game against Lyon and possibly Inter Milan.

One reason why we failed to qualify for CL football last year was because in January 2012 we did not add the necessary power to the team. I sincerely hope that we will not make the same mistake this year as well

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