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Spurs will face the first real test today as they play away to Manchester United where they have not won a game since 1989. It’s going to be a very difficult task to overcome the home side that will have the advantage of the home crowd and presumably of the referee who will be none other than Mr. Chris Foy.

The home team is not firing on all cylinders right now. They did not deserve to take the 3 points last week at Liverpool and yet they did. We’ve seen too many games where United were overrun by their opponents and yet they won all 3 points.

This has to stop! Today could be the day it does stop. 23 years of leaving Old Trafford without maximum points could end. AVB has a stern test in front of him and all eyes will be looking down on him hoping that he will achieve what all the previous managers did not. It’s not the first time that forecasts and predictions have been upset…… maybe Spurs could be one of those upsets.

I want to and expect to see a fire in all the teams’ bellies. Why can’t they pretend that its Arsenal they are facing (bar last year’s 5-2 game). We want the pride of North London restored and if we are to even think of CL football next year we should be able to go away from home and especially to places like Old Trafford and take points away from the opponents.

Let today be a first. COYS!!!

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