Well, the frustration is all over. Those who expected a frantic Levy show must be disappointed. No new attacker. No new DM player either. Lennon sold to the toffees (was expected) and Yeldin sent to Sunderland on loan for the entire season (should have been till end of 2015 with our option to extend or not, depending on how Walker and Trippier do, injuries are part of the game as well). Finally Adebayor sent to the canteen to peel the spuds. What a guy this Adebayor is, no sign from God (I presume Allah now that he has become Muslim) so he stays put. Basically he took the micky out of both Villa and the Spamers. Levy offered him his 100K a week till he found a club to go and play football and should there be a difference in his wages Levy would be ready to top it up to 100K per week. But that was not good enough for him. He demanded the entire amount to be paid up front i.e. 5M. Well he can peel the spuds in the canteen from now on ( my personal opinion only).

I have read so many articles on the issues of the transfer deadline, some positive from people who use their heads and some negative who speak in anger and negativity. I will not elaborate on what I have read because I’m sure that you have as well and already formed an opinion on everything.

Poch is under a lot of pressure to maintain a top 6 place, something that has become synonymous with Spurs over the last few years. There are several supporters who want a CL place but they are those who do not fathom with logic. I for one will not forecast a finishing position till I see how N’jie and Son perform. Maybe, just maybe, they could solve the strickerless situation that some presume we have.

Erik Dier seems to be Poch’s DM player and has already started the grooming process. He did very well against Everton and was man of the match from a Spurs perspective. So Poch is working on it and hopefully the DM position is secuure with Dier.

We shfited a lot of dead wood this window and if I’m not mistaken, it’s a record selling window as well. Spurs managed to sell 49M and paid 55M for incoming players. Net spent only 6M. that will go down nicely in the books. Thanks.

There was a lot of talk about Lamela going o load with a purchase option but it was not to be. There is always the January window, unless he starts playing well in the Europa Cup and convinces his superiors to keep him.

The talk of the town was how the Berhino saga developed. I have read both sides comments and arguments and want to believe that Levy’s handling of the matter were the correct ones. The 4th bid was valued at 25M i.e. the level that WBA would sell. the only difference was the lengthy payment method which we proposed against their outright cash deal that WBA wanted. Funny enough and before we even made the first bid, WBA put in an offer for Fazio with lengthy partial payments and it’s on this basis we went back to them. A seller wears a different had compared when the same person is a buyer. Anyway no Berhino for spurs this time round. I’m sure that eventually the lad will come to reason with his anger and will eventually start playing for WBA which is also in his own interest as a professional football player.

That said and with the International break we will all have to wait till Saturday 12th to see how the teams will perform. Till then COYS.

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  1. Personally I would prefer that transfers should be completed prior to the start of the season.

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