Having returned from a Greek 3 points exhausting venture, we find ourselves having to play Stoke at home only 3 days after our last game. Very little time for rest. Very little time for Poch to re-organise the troops for the next battle.

In the past, Stoke have proved to be a stiff opponent especially if they are the one to score first. Our past experience tells us that we will have to work in full throttle if we are to break down the enemy’s defenses.

We must play for the team with our hearts and for the shirt. We must replicate the same game plan and fighting spirit as we did against Arsenal. This is the only way forward, this is the only way to get all 3 points. Regretfully our form after a Europa Cup venture has not been good and we need to address this problem.

With the right attitude and spirit and with the right players we can manage to achieve the desired result.





2 responses to “STOKE AT HOME”

  1. Someone in the coaching staff should play a few videos of our players from the past just to show our current squad what it means to play with passion and pride for the shirt and the fans. So yes we want entertainment and a style of play which will get us up on our feet but we also have to win.

  2. Smudger says:

    Why do I put myself through such torture each week??? As far as I’m concerned, not one player deserved his place on this showing. Sorry, except Lloris.

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