Having watched our match on Sunday against Man City, I strongly believe that the call for video technology should be heard, as the standards of refereeing in the premier league has fallen over the last few years.

The fact that the speed of the game has increased dramatically, the majority of referees are having trouble keeping up with the pace.  The same applies to the referee’s assistants as well.  Prime example was the off-side indicated by the assistant referee in the game with Wolves against Aydebayor.  Is it because he has been off-side so many times that the assistants give an automatic decision?

As for the decisions that were not given by the referee/referee’s assistants, they made me jump up from my seat several times in despair!  Lescott’s elbow must be hurting this morning as it was head-butted by JD and Parker should have had a red card for facing off against Balotelli causing a injury to his foot!  So I ask you what is the Premier League coming to?  Where are the standards?   Where are the good referees?

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  1. The Cop says:

    Obviously, the comments above have been written some time ago. Referee’s like players may have a game on an off day, and therefore some decisions may appear wrong. I qualified as a Referee by in the 80’s, and I remember my first game. The next day when I went back into work, some guy who had been referring for years and knew I had referring my first game asked me how it went, I said, I made so many mistakes, he said this to me that stayed with me for the rest of my referring carer, ” Referee’s don’t make mistakes, they give the decisions they thought were right at the time” I thought about this and he was right, in a fast moving game, you have to make a split second decision, you have not got the help of replay’s etc. and I challenge anyone who thinks they can do better to take the Referee’s Course, and if you qualify and after your first game, we will speak again.
    I will always maintain, that the English referee’s are the best in the world. So before you jump out of your chair abusing the man in the middle have a little thought, He knows the rules much better than you.

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