The Cyprus Spurs Supporters Club (CSSC) Team is delighted to announce the launch of the Official Spurs In website!

Bear with us as we add all the necessary titbits such as an events, where to watch Spurs and other sections. In the meantime, like our Facebook Page – and follow us on Twitter –

Spurs In comes equipped with the CSSC blog, where we’ll be adding our completely unbiased thoughts (if you believe that, you’re an Arsenal fan) as the season progresses, as well as pre and post match reviews. If we hear that Messi is about to sign, we’ll also let you know.

If you’re not a CSSC Member yet, jog on down to our Members page and leave your details. One of the CSSC Team will get back to you with details on how to become an Official Cyprus Spurs Supporters Club Member.

If there’s something you want to get off your chest (there’s always something Spurs fans want to get off their chests), drop us an email via our Contacts section.

Anyway, I must dash as there’s so much to do!

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