Submitted by Alex

There I was sitting in my hotel room having to watch the FA cup semi final all on my own.  Nobody to talk to, nobody to argue with.  How boring.  I had no choice as I was not welcome at the Jersey Spurs Supporters Pub in St. Helier Jersey.  You see I arranged to see the Jersey supporters on Monday when we played against Norwich.

It was OK to start with but when the game heated up I was baffled with the fact that nobody was reacting to our poor game.  There I was sitting among 50 Spurs supporters and all of a sudden I could not hold myself any longer.  I screamed at a near miss and I complained at a poor referee decision and kept on commenting on how awful we were.   At some stage some guys who were sitting behind me shouted “we don’t want to hear your comments”.   So I quickly got up and left the place.   How on earth can you be a Spurs fan and support your team in complete and utter silence.  Sorry that isn’t me and will never be me.  This also happened to me on the west stand at WHL some 3 years ago when narrowly defeating Reading with the 6-4 win, thanks to Berbatov’s 3 or was it 4 goals.

Coming back to the FA cup semi final, the whole hotel could hear me and I was not ashamed at all.  The evidence was there for all to witness.   Our defenders were too slow and unorganized thus resulting in the heavy loss.  It’s time for some of them to retire for good.  No names mentioned but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  Most of the players looked very tired and could not keep up with the opponents pace.   I’ve always being saying that we are probably the less fit team in the PL.  Farewell silverware and the team have to bounce back as their character will now be tested to the limit.  No CL football next season and I can hear the guillotine being prepared.

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