Submitted by Alex

In my opinion like we stumbled and failed at the first hurdle called Newcastle, we did exactly the same at WHL against WBA. The humiliation must have been such that an honest Spurs supporter would have wanted to bury his head in the sand just like an ostrich does when it wants to hide from something. I would not like to be in AVB shoes right now with all the so called expert pundits criticizing him. I also dismiss the comments some come up with when they say that this season we have 1 point from our first 2 games compared to no points last year. Wake up and look at reality in the face. It’s Newcastle and WBA we have played and not Manchester City and United.

As said before going down to teams that play better is something I can swallow. Again we were better than WBA and still did not reap the benefits of all 3 points conceding very late in the game. Our third hurdle will be Norwich at WHL and we owe them one from last year when the defeated us at WHL in the humiliating game. It seems that the Modric saga is finally over but for my liking far too late. It doesn’t give us enough time to concentrate and go for the right player. Panic decisions might be necessary because it is evident that without that attacking midfielder Spurs are hopeless. We need another Mata or another Hazard. A mean machine that is tireless and dictates the game. Is there one out there at this late stage?? Anyway reinforcements are badly necessary and this week seems to be most interesting.

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