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It is the time in Spurs history when they have come to the crossroads and must take the right steps from now onwards to remain a top club. Gone are the days when a mid table finish was enough. Gone are the days when winning the Carling cup was considered as an achievement. Times have changed and Spurs have to adapt to this change.

However in reaching such goals several issues have to be dealt with and solved. Let me start from probably the most important point, which is the wage ceiling. The top salaries paid are estimated to be £70,000 a week but I’m sure that the average wage is a lot less. The “ELITE” club wages are known to all of us and we have to be able to match them.

The Northumberland Project has still not started and the urgency to generate funds by means of a 56,000 capacity stadium is imminent. Spurs have a waiting list of some 20,000 supporters who want to be season ticket holders.

From now onwards new players should be of the highest quality if CL football is desired on a permanent basis. Regretfully these days the Game is mostly about money and success. Can you not blame a top class player wanting to play CL football year in year out and who would demand a top wage as well ? I am one of those who still support the fact that the core of any PL team should consist of UK players, but they are fast becoming a scarce breed. On the other hand a continental player does not necessarily mean that he will fit into the English PL. Several talented continental players have in the past flopped in the PL. Again I repeat that a wise and correct player acquisition is vital to the Teams success.

Finally, we have the problem of a top notch manager, which is again another dying breed and most difficult to come by. Maybe we should have been shrewder and kept HR and at the same time investigate his possible replacement. He still had 12 months on his contract. The success of spurs will greatly depend on the next manager. In my opinion he must be a proven manager with the highest CV.
Wages should not be an issue and with the present aspirations one should not consider some of the names mentioned who do not have a proven track record. We simply want the best.

As you may have noticed I have not touched the topic of the present squad and the rumours of players wanting to leave for “greener pastures”. It’s too early for that and the imminent appointment of a top class manager will certainly help the situation.

Come on Daniel perform another wonder!

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