The result of Saturday’s Champions’ League final has left Spurs fans in limbo, all over the world. The devastation from the result cannot be estimated accurately, because, like an earthquake, after the initial shock, the after-shocks that follow can cause more damage.

The facts we know, that Tottenham Hotspur, although they managed to finish in the top 4, will play in the Europa League, in the new season. We know from last season, that Harry Redknapp does not care for the second tier European trophy, and will seek to play in that competition using, fringe players and youngsters, to go as far as they can. His main focus was, and will remain the Champions’ League. It brings with it money, to strengthen the squad and acts like a magnet in attracting top European players.

The main damage for Spurs will occur when the transfer window opens, and the elite clubs will be hovering over White Hart Lane, like vultures, waiting to pounce onto Tottenham’s top quality players. The class players, such as Bale and Modric will be the prize targets, and as we saw last year, there will be battles between the club management, trying to keep assets that are key to building a strong team around them for future success.

The other unknown, Spurs fans have to contend with, is Harry Redknapp’s future as Tottenham Hotspur’s boss, because although the original fear that he would be heading the England international team has now subsided, rumours can be heard of a possibility for Harry switching to Stamford Bridge, if Abramovich refuses to listen to his players’ pleas to keep Di Matteo as a permanent coach.

Ever since Capello’s sudden resignation as the National team’s coach, with what seemed like the whole nation pleading with the FA to give the job to Redknapp, Levy set about finding a suitable replacement, so not to be left flat footed. If a suitor was found, it would have been something that should still hold as an option until after the Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine.

Whatever might happen, Spurs fans will see the season 2011-12 as a season that they could have been the surprise Premier Champions, and possibly even FA cup winners, up until the beginning of February when everything went so badly wrong for Tottenham.

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