The mind boggles as to how exciting Spurs are, during this pre-season period.

For the past 3 weeks Tottenham Hotspur fans were on edge waiting to hear whom Daniel Levy will appoint for the hot seat at White Hart Lane.  Speculation was rife, with many famous and some not-so-famous names being banded about, but, in the end, Andre Villas-Boas emerged as the victor, and with him, a state of euphoria has taken over most of the fans, so desperate for the legendary Spurs, to perform at the level they always promised, but ultimately failed to reach.

AVB’s appointment, has now started, what is seen as a major overhaul of the squad, and instead of the usual free-transfers for players past their prime, the new Boss is attracting internationally reknown stars, but not only. ┬áThese players, are being attracted to Spurs, and are choosing to wear the lilywhite jersey over other famous teams, so much so, that fans are finding it difficult to be away from their smart phones or PCs for fear of missing out on yet another aquisition by Tottenham. ┬áTalk of Loris, Mountinho, Adebayor and many others, that the media are speculating on, are evident and generating hope and anxiety for most of the die-hard fans.

Genuine excitement, the likes of which has never been seen before, means, even during the closed season, we await with eager anticipation for August 18th, when the Spurs go marching into Newcastle’s lair!

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