Article submitted by Alex

My father had a clothes shop in the 60’s and although I was young, I remember him huffing and puffing at the fact that he had to get rid of very old stock. Buy one get one free, 50% discount and anything one can imagine only and only to get rid of the old stock which could not sell.

That reminds me of the present Spurs squad. How does one offload players like Bently, Jenas, Pienaar, Krankjcar, Gomes, Bassong, Corluka, Saha, Dos Santos and not to name more. The mere thought of the problem is mind blowing. How did we manage to create this entire surplus??

How do you get rid of it?? This has to be addressed before the start of this season and not next season, together with the mountain of other problems which THFC have to solve. It would not be fair to point the finger at whoever is to blame for having so many surplus players. They have to be disposed of and in any way whatsoever. And please don’t look at figures i.e. we bought him for so much and will have to sell him at the same price not to make a loss. Be prepared to make a Loss and simply get rid of them. Their wages alone is a financial burden. I would not to be the Devil’s advocate but some of the above named players do not deserve to be considered as surplus but various situations have brought them to that point.

A stock clearance is deemed necessary and it has to be done NOW and not tomorrow!

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