Submitted by Spurs4everever

We are very limited with several options in all compartments. Somewhere the planning has gone wrong. We the supporters have no control on such decisions but do have the luxury of being able to criticize and judge other peoples actions. I know it doesn’t sound fair but that is a fact of life and the officials at THFC have to live with. So we find ourselves sitting on the outside looking in and being able to say this that and the other about everything which is Spurs-related.

We don’t have strikers, we should have bought strikers. We need to bolster our defence. We have bought too many peripheral players and not enough good ones. We should not have lost that game; we should have drawn that game. We should have still been in the FA Cup. We must win the Europa CUP. We must finish above the scum. We must qualify for CL football. We must have a bigger stadium. Our wage level must increase. Bla bla bla !! MUST this MUST that and MUST everything!!

Personally and from now onwards I’ll take each game as it comes. A draw at Lyon is possible and we need to WIN at West Ham

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