I’m sure that we all still remember the awful result at WHL on Saturday 21st of September 2014 when we lost to WBA by 0-1. The clock has now turned 180 degrees and we face WBA at the Hawthorns tomorrow. We should¬†do the upmost and get sweet revenge. Morrison was the¬†culprit who scored the only goal of the game in the 74th minute. Before that game WBA had not won a game at WHL for the past 30 years.

There are ups and downs in tomorrow’ game. The fact that we are once more facing the NEW MANAGER SYNDROME with Tony Pulis out to prove a point to the WBA faithful and for the second week running and after all those hectic games we are without any injuries whatsoever.

Pochetino should go all the way and use his best side for 3 points which will be hard fought.



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  1. Well pleased with the win today. Let’s just hope that we continue on a winning streak.

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