It finally happened.  After weeks of speculation by the press, on Wednesday evening, Harry Redknapp and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club partied company.  Harry wanted a 2 year contract, but Daniel Levy refused to extend the one year contract that was left to run.

Speculation and rumours were rife that Levy had already approached prospective coaches for the Spurs post, from back in January.  With Redknapp attending court over tax issues, Levy didn’t want to suddenly be caught cold without a manager, if Harry was found guilty, and facing a prison sentence.  Then, the following week after Redknapp walked out of court after being found innocent, the England coach, Fabio Capello resigned, and the media circus went into frenzy mode, naming Harry Redknapp as the peoples’ favourite!

Taking a straw pole this morning, from various Spurs diehards, this is what they had to say.

Poly, read on the internet last night on Spurs being without a manager.  He was happy to see Harry go, feeling that he could not take Spurs any further.  His choice of a new coach would have to be someone with a big name in football, that would attract quality players.  Poly offered up Fabio Capello, Joachim Löw and AVB.  Boas being a more favoured choice, as Joe Lewis had stated not so long ago, his desire for a younger man to lead Spurs over many years.

Alekos only received the news from my phone call.  He was glad to see the rein of Redknapp end, as he was sure the season wouldn’t have turned out so disastrously for Tottenham.  He blamed HR for finishing the seaon fourth and also for failing to play the football that won so much praise from all neutrals, throughout the second half of the season.  Alekos has been a big fan of Roberto Martinez, pointing to what he has achieved with limited funds and a not so high profile football club.

Panos, a very passionate Spurs supporter, actually phoned me, with a very jovial attitude.  He stated straight away that Daniel Levy has his respect for making this bold decision.  He too is adamant that Redknapp was to blame for the downturn in Spurs fortunes in the latter half of the season.  When asked, who Panos would like to see as the new Spurs coach, he didn’t have anyone in mind, although he did point a finger at the CSSC Secretary, Alex, and suggested he would be a good choice, especially because of his fiery temper, “someone that the players would fear”, Panos said.

Finally, in my opinion, I think it is a good thing that Redknapp has ended his three and a half years in charge of Spurs.  It hasn’t been all bad.

I am very grateful for his ability to bring out the best of some players that we were considering as dead wood.  Remember when Gareth Bale was surplus to requirements and was about to be shipped out on loan?  He was the one that almost one year later, became the most talked about left winger, probably in the whole world, after a hat-trick against Inter in the Champions’ League.

But Redknapp  also showed poor decision making.  He took Bale off the left wing and first pulled him to the right, and then, decided to give him a free-role playing anywhere and everywhere.

When Harry didn’t like a player, his time at Spurs was short.  Only Gio di Santos has stuck around.   Harry didn’t give him a chance to shine and the only reason he is still at Tottenham is that a high enough price could not be met by several suitors.

Finally, I think that Poly’s suggestion of Andre Villas Boas as Spurs coach might be an inspired choice.  I doubt we will be able to keep some of our top international players, after this summer, but, as Mourinho is not available, why not go for ‘The Special One’s’ number two?

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