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The memories of that disgraceful defeat in the North London Derby at the Emirates last year, when leading by 2 goals and conceding 5, are almost forgotten. Once again the time has come and the clock is ticking towards tomorrow’s NLD with an early kick off. Those able to make it to WHL are the most fortunate ones. The rest will be glued to the armchairs biting their nails. A lot of adrenaline will flow tomorrow.

As I’m getting older, my memories of previous games become weaker and weaker. But still fresh in my memory was the 2010-2011 Game at The Emirates when Spurs managed to claim a victory and all three points. This was Spurs fist ever victory at the new Arsenal Stadium. November always seems to be the month when these NLD take place and my birthday is in November and always close to these historic games. Arsenal lost to Spurs at the Emirates 2-3 in that memorable victory 2 years ago.

Tomorrow’s first NLD clash sees both teams weaker than last year. I will not comment about Arsenal but will definitely say that so far this year Spurs have NOT reach last year’s levels and that really disappoints me big time, as it would any true Spurs supporter.

The gap in midfield with the departure of our war horses Modric and VDV has not been replaced and that is most evident and that is our weak spot. Of course the injuries to Kabul, Ekotto, Parker & Dembele do not help. The only encouraging thing is that we go into tomorrow’s game as the underdogs since we are the away team and for some reason I have never been able to understand (other than last year), our players find an extra gear when playing Arsenal. They become Matadors when they see the Arsenal red. They become ferocious, brave and almost immortal in these games and tomorrow I want to see them tear their hearts out for the team.

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