Last year, after rejecting three bids from Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur managed to hold on to Luka Modric, but the talented Croatian missed the start of the season because his ‘head was not right’.  All the press carried reports daily of the Modric story and had it not been for Daniel Levy’s insistence, in keeping hold of Luka, he would have been playing as a ‘Pensioner’.

Thankfully, he did himself and his club a favour by staying, as he has recently revealed to some friends, because Chelsea are 10 points below Spurs, they are on the verge of exiting the Champions’ League and with Villas-Boas, the current coach, finding it hard to satisfy his players and fans, with rumours of his imminent sacking gaining credibility, day-by-day.

The Fleet Street muck rakers have taken the quote and started to fabricate headlines, claiming that Luka Modric has issued a ‘Come and get me’ offer, to Manchester United.  This morning, this was duplicated by a football website, which went on to state that Modric is desperate for silverware.

The truth is, Luka is happy to be a Spurs player; everyone can see it from his contribution to the team.  The comments from the professional football writers, Premier League coaches and neutral football fans all claim that this season, Tottenham Hotspur are playing the most attractive and entertaining football in the Premiership.  Spurs are currently third and are still in with an outside chance of winning the Premiership title, and they are also  favourites to win the FA Cup this season.  Obviously, a settled team doesn’t create headlines that sell newspapers, so some try to fabricate rumours to turn a drop into a tidal wave.  The headlines should read, Modric is staying at White Hart Lane!

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