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AVB, a progressive manager who likes to play good watchable football but is he exactly what the doctor prescribed for Spurs?

We are now entering a completely new era with a demand for CL every season, with a new state of the art training ground, and with the possibility of a takeover, with The Northumberland Project and finally with a trend to increase wages to a higher level than before.

We are witnessing a dramatic change in everything that is Spurs. We must consider ourselves just as fortunate as those who lived the double era in 1961. Unlike others I will not go into too much detail about our new man. In a nutshell if Levy believes in him then we should also. We can all expect new life to be thrown in and a much younger successful team to appear on the books. The future looks bright and there will be no turning back.

With players like Sigurdsson already in and the possible arrival of Vertonghen and other young players I can just imagine our new line-up for this season. We will travel to Newcastle with so much confidence for our first encounter of the new season and come away with a flying starter and all 3 points.

Some may argue that there are bigger names out there and AVB is certainly not one of them. I say, the bigger the name the less flexibility in team management.

No, no, we don’t want that. I can see another Mourinho in the making. So I say yes, he is what the doctor prescribed for Spurs in order to proceed to bigger and better things.


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