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I have read some news which I’m dreading to think about:-

(a) Defoe could be out for at least 3-4 weeks
(b) Adebayor has not returned to UK yet

As our main striker (Defoe) looks like will be sidelined for the next 3-4 weeks, our striker Adebayor has yesterday announced that he is physically exhausted after Togo’s last game in the ACN in South Africa.
It is also reported that Togo’s team should have left SA last Monday but apparently the players are all still there. Reports say that Adebayor had involvement for this departure delay!!!!!!
When will Adebayor report to our training ground so he can train and join the squad for our home game this Saturday against Newcastle? Then the following Thursday 14th Feb we have a home game against Olympic Lyon for the Europa Cup. Is he back to his old tricks?

If we remember well at the beginning of the season after he has signed his contract with THFC for the first 8-9 weeks he was injured and couldn’t play. He then got into the team after all and then is sent off against the Gooners. What is going on, he comes back into the team but his performances are no way near to the ones of last year while on loan to us from MC. Then he couldn’t decide whether or not to join Togo squad for the ACN. On the other hand our THFC Chairman was up to his usual transfer dealings and due to lack of time!!!! We did not buy a Striker.

It now looks like Spurs do not have a Striker available for the next two-three-four important games (Newcastle, Lyon H, Lyon A and West Ham A). I have read other people’s articles saying that we can play like Barcelona (without strikers). Yes but Barcelona have a very strong Defensive & Attacking Midfield which operates like a Swiss Watch. Unfortunately Tottenham are lacking this sort of player that can turn out a brilliant performance week in week out.

Sandro is out for the rest of the season. Parker is not the same player we had last year.
Hud is much below bar. Bale’s & Lennon’s performances have not been up to their standards but both showed some spirit which helped us for the point against Norwich and the three much needed points gained from the West Brom game last Sunday.

So coming to a conclusion I honestly hope that the lack of having a proven Striker in our squad will not cost us a CL place. I do just dread to think about it.

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