On Wednesday, Harry Redknapp stepped out of Southwark Crown court a free man, met by crowds singing ‘Come on you Spurs!’.   He was acquitted of charges brought against him, by the Jurys’ unanimous decision.

The news of Harry’s verdict quickly spread jubilation throughout the Spurs community stretching all over the world, the result of which meant Spurs could continue their fine season without any other distractions.  Harry stood at outside the court house and told the assembled press that it was a nightmare that lasted for 5 years and now it was over, he was looking forward to getting home.  He was especially thankful to the Tottenham Hotspur Chairman, Daniel Levy, and the Spurs fans, especially at the Wigan match when they didn’t stop singing out his name. He said it was the most moving he ever felt and he will never forget it.

The euphoria was soon overcome with a dark cloud, over the White Hart Lane, once again.   Only hours after Redknapp’s court case closed, Fabio Capello handed in his resignation to the Football Association.  Fabio felt disgusted by the FA’s overruling him and removing John Terry as England captain, before being tried and proven guilty of racial abuse on Anton Ferdinand.  He was angry that someone could be judged guilty before going to trial.

For months the speculation of the next England coach, after Fabio Capello notified the Football Association that he intended to resign following the Euro 2012 tournament, had Harry Redknapp as the popular choice amongst the fans and the professionals in the game.  Spurs fans were almost certain that Harry would go at the end of the season, not before.

We now wait for the conclusion to the story, as the great season for Tottenham Hotspur hangs on the FA’s and Harry’s next decision.

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