Article submitted by Alex

In the early hours of this morning the news flashed all over the Spurs world. “Harry has gone”.
From the beginning some experts said that Harry’s reign was never going to be a long one and it seems that they were right. “Doomed from the start” was their very words.

Harry was brought in to save us from the Ramos disaster which he managed to do and for this the Spurs fans should be grateful. However the shaky relationship between Harry and Levy was always there and some referred it to a “shotgun wedding “relationship. Or a marriage of convenience with an expiry date.

Levy was not happy with all the talk about Redknapp, when the talk should have been about the club.
They never saw eye to eye but managed to brush everything under the carpet, presumably for the good of the club. It’s impossible to get in to the mind of Levy but in attempting to do so one can say that Harry fell short of delivering what was expected from a “great manager”. I’m sure Levy was not happy with loosing the Carling Cup final on 2009, the FA Cup semi-final in 2010 and this year as well.
4th this year after being 10 point clear in 3rd place in February this year and failing to claim CL football.

The final nail in the coffin was when Harry appointed an agent to deal with his possible contract renewal. Levy never seemed to like that and by not accepting a 12 months rolling extension all things came to an end.

The King has died, long live the King. So life goes on and turns a new chapter on who will be his successor?

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