Submitted by Alex

It was not to be at the Sports Direct Arena (the old Saint. Jaymes Park). This was another disappointing result but yet an encouraging display. On the day, we went down to an inferior playing team and that’s what I don’t like. It has never ever bothered me when Spurs lose to teams that are better than us. This I can live with and accept defeat with grace. What I can’t stand is losing to a any team that is inferior to us on the pitch and that’s exactly what happened with Newcastle on Saturday evening. So I’m peed off once again especially when we don’t get the rub of the green. Sports reporters said that we should have been 3 up at half time. I say 2 up taking into consideration the post and the cross bar attempts. It’s a 38 hurdle race and we have failed at the first one. The race is not over but has just begun and it would be ridiculous to judge AVB from our first game, although my mind bothers me with questions such as “ Why were Dawson and Huddlestone not even on the bench” ? They were both fit. Why did Bale and Lennon keep swapping sides again ? This was something HR used to do and this always peed me off. It was very much noticeable that we missed the cutting edge in the middle of the park and the absence of Parker and Modric was evident. Anyway heads up high and let’s take all 3 points at hurdle no : 2

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