Submitted by Alex

Today’s game is of immense importance for several reasons, but the most important reason of all is that 3rd place and automatic champions league football.  Things right now are not looking too bright having conceded 8 goals in our last 2 games which reminds us of the 8 goals Spurs conceded at the start of the campaign.

If we lose today’s game, then I believe that the brittle Spurs of old days will return to haunt us. The teams behind us are picking up momentum and with a new manager will want to prove a point to their owners. We have to be able to find whatever it takes and go that bit further and stamp our authority on that 3rd place.

We have to get rid of being too nice to opposing teams thus allowing them to play an open game. We have to change our style and defend in depth and close down certain games and today, is such a game. Over the years Everton have proved that they are serious opponents especially at Goodison Park where very few teams come away with a victory. Matters have lead to tomorrow’s game being the last stand of the great battle. Should we go down then I doubt it very much if we can hang on to 3rd place.

Everything that Spurs have fought for stands to be lost if we don’t come away with all 3 points.  A draw is just a prolongation of agony and nothing else.

I wish I was in that dressing room before the kick off and during half time. The players need to believe in themselves and go out and grab the game by the horns and dictate our game. A lot will depend on the team formation but injuries have proved to be a plague for us this year.

Anyway whatever the team, whatever the circumstances we have to fight for our lives for those 3 points.  There are difficult times ahead for Spurs.


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