The CSSC committee is pleased to announce that in association with LGR, during some of the games in the new 2012-2013 season a live link-up from Cyprus to the UK will be broadcasted where CSSC members will get the chance to send dedications to their families and friends.
For some of those who do not know, LGR (London Greek Radio) is an independent local radio station established by London’s sizeable Greek community most of which forms part of the ethnically diverse Cypriot community. It broadcasts in both Greek and English and includes news from the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) or as is known in Cyprus RIK. LGR started off as a “pirate” radio station in 1983 for it’s predominantly Greek Cypriot audience, and even featured in the national newspapers on the pirate radio revival. In 1985, one raid was broadcast on air with the police shouting racist abuse live on air! I do remember the station moving around from one premise to another in order to avoid the raids. Even my aunt Georgoulla’s house in Haringey was conscripted at one point to broadcast the programs!
The station is currently based in North London in the area of Finchley. LGR has also recently increased its English air-time due to a lack of Greek-speaking young Londoners listening, particularly in the evenings as part of their “New Generation” scheme. Its audience today consists mainly of Greek Cypriots and other Greeks, as well as Turkish, Armenian and Maronite Cypriots. Listeners also include other people of Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean ancestry, especially Arabs, Jews, and Italians. The station tends to play more music by Greek and Cypriot artist rather than English-speaking ones. Some music is sung in Armenian and Turkish, especially the Eurovision Song Contest entries or mixed-language Cypriot folk songs.
When in London LGR broadcasts on 103.3 FM, but can also be found live over the internet when visiting their website on and there are applications available for smart phones that can be downloaded to listen to the station wherever you may be.

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