British backbone and Spurs


What has changed since 4 seasons ago ?


We have lost good football players in Bale, Modric, VDV, without being able to replace them. But more important than that, we have totally lost our identity and cohesion.


Remember when we had 5 players in the England team?

We had an English manager with an English backroom team.


I must admit that I slagged a lot of those players off … but in recent years we have had Robinson, Dawson, King, Walker, Jenas, Hudd, Livermore, Bale (GB), Lennon, Crouch.

All these players played for the shirt.


Now Lennon hardly plays and the rest have all been sold.


We have replaced the management team with a bunch that don’t even speak English. We have replaced those players with a bunch of foreign mediocre players that have no clue about our club and the Premier League.  A decent and well organized team like Stoke took us to school yesterday. West Brom did the same.  Manchester City and Liverpool just pissed all over us.


The only players that have shown anything in recent weeks are Kane & Mason and to a lesser degree Townsend & Rose.  Can you spot a connection?


Without the flukey wins at West Ham and Villa we would be in the bottom three. Our home form is certainly that of a relegation team. By the way and on current form we are NOT TOO GOOD TO GO DOWN.


We must all be seriously worried about where is Spurs going ? It’s getting worse every week by week. The players body language tells the whole story and I don’t know what the answer is. More worryingly is that I don’t think that Levy / Baldini and Poch do either.




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