Spurs : Better days will come.

Logic tells us straight in the face that so far this year we have been poor.

At villa the players looked lost despite having created a few chances. It’s apparent that there is no cohesion. It’s also apparent that most of the players are not playing for the ‘shirt’. Dawson and Sandro did and we have sold them.  Mason and Kane seems to be fighters and the only ones who have a will to play for the ‘shirt’. We have a handful of top 4 players right now and this is hurting Spurs.

God only knows who is responsible for squandering all those millions in buying average players. Paulinho and Chiriches have proved to be below average players. Dembele and Capoue again are not top 4 players and so far nor is Lamela and Soldado was a flash in the pan purchase. That leaves Erikson as the only possible decent player who has not shown us everything so far.

What seems to drag us down is wrong purchases and this has been going on for some time now. Even before spending all those Bale millions. Fingers were pointed at Baldini who for unknown reason I still at the club. Others are now pointing the finger at Levy. We will never know who was responsible for the bad purchases. The only one who suffered was AVB who was shown the door. Our last decent purchases were those of  Modric, Van de Vart and Bale who are now history for the club.

We are infested with fringe players like Kaboul and Adebayor to mention a couple whilst we have untested players in Fazio and Stambouli who so far have not been given a chance to show us of what caliber they are.

Ofcourse a negative factor in this sordid affair is the fact that we can’t pay top 4 wages for the known reasons. The sooner we have the new stadium the better, even if it means having to play elsewhere for hopefully only 1 year.  This drawback was not that evident some 10 years ago but with Arsenal and City building bigger stadiums the gap has widened.

I know that we all have once again set high hopes for Spurs for this season, but the honest fact of the situation right now is that we will have to learn how to be patient and stick together through thick or thin. Better days will come and that is a dead certainty.



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  1. Barnaby Rudge says:

    Seems like a pretty good post, definetly sums up whats wrong. I actually feel a bit sorry for Soldado because it would not matter who played up front, be it Sanchez who is on fire for Arsenal or even Ibrahimavich with a midfield (or lack of) like ours they would not get a look in.
    And the defence is appalling, the fiasco against Asteras was embarrasing so I dont hold out much hope against Stoke.

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