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Being a Spurs fan must be one of the most dramatic feelings one could ever want to experience. Good feelings that make you smile and bad feelings that want to make you cry. Pain, then joy, then pain and then joy. What a bumpy ride with highs and lows, sweet and sour.

In my humble opinion the greatest fan must be a Spurs fan full of pride for his club. I take my hat off to those travelling Spurs fans who follow Spurs all over the country and even abroad to far away countries one never knew of their existence until Spurs were drawn to play x, y and z!

The label “Pride of North London” doesn’t come simply just like that. It is a label for which hard battles were fought with blood sweat and tears. Famous footballing names echo in one’s mind such as, Greaves, Blanchflower, England, MacKay, Jennings, Gascoigne, Hoddle and more recently Bale.

Oh happy days, Oh happy days and then came the Lasagna catastrophe followed by the unimaginable Bayern Munich defeat by Chelsea. As I said highs and lows is part of our Spurs lives. Right now we are on to a good thing and fingers crossed it will last till the season is over and then again nothing would surprise me if we throw the towel in and end up with no CL football. One major step towards CL football would be to take all 3 pints from this Sunday’s game were we will be put to the test. A miracle happens once or maybe twice. Will Bale define those odds?

My crystal ball is not working right now so I can’t tell you what will happen. Let’s hold our breath and wait. COYS!!!!!

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