It’s amazing how fate brings things around. Today we (all Spurs supporters all over the world) have to and must support Bayern Munich to be victorious on Saturday night. Regrettably our fate lies totally in their hands. We missed the opportunity to capitalize on Arsenal’s draw with Norwich in the penultimate game of the season by not being able to overcome Aston Villa and now we have to rely on Bayern Munich to do the job for us.

Come On You Bayern! should be echoed throughout the land. Bayern’s victory will also be our victory with guaranteed CL football next year. It’s a chain reaction meaning that with CL football comes money, with that comes team stability, stability means Bale and Modric staying put, which in turn results in attracting top class players, that in turn comes everything Spurs have fought for this season.

Bayern’s loss will also be our loss with all the subsequences of no team stability, no money, the possibility of losing both Bale and Modric and no top class players coming in. This would mean a total catastrophe and all the team’s efforts this year would have gone down the drain.

How many times have we uttered this year the phrase “Today’s game is a MUST WIN situation”. Well I can assure you that Saturdays game is “THE MUST WIN” game as otherwise all is lost.

Come on you Bayern!

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