I doubt it very much if I’m the only Spurs supporter who feels ashamed of having to exit the 4th round of the FA cup. However wisdom tells me that I should not be ashamed. It was obvious that the higher hierarchy at THFC did not want to progress any further than the 3rd round and the Leicester gamer was a burden for them. This is evident with the team that lined up last Saturday. So I have now changed my stance and I am no loner ashamed. The next hurdle or if you prefer the next question is, what is THFC hierarchy goal for the Capitol 1 Cup ? With a win or a draw  we go to Wembley with a defeat we go to being ashamed again. I reckon that THFC want to go to Wembley because it’s the shortest root to achieving something. Should that be the case, we will for sure be considered as the underdogs as our team will most probably be facing the Chavs (unless they slip up once again). It was only a few year back when we once again faced the Chavs at Wembley in the same competition and you all know what happened then.


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