A Spurs supporter was told off for booing his team after the humiliating defeat at WHL against Stoke. Below please read his reply.


Years ago my Dad told me two things, “only ever get a tattoo of the team you support and never the name of a girlfriend/wife, as you never change your loyalty to the club, you may hate them, go off them, BUT you will always have the one club until you die. Wives on the other hand……….”


I lived in Edmonton as a nipper and most weeks walked to and from to game from Edmonton Green with the lads from our street. The admission was 6d  2.5 pence in todays money. One week i had spent all my pocket money bar 3d and asked Dad to make it up for the admission. His reply. ‘Ask the Directors of spurs for it. and see what their answer is. I will tell you, they will say tough luck no 6d no admission’. That was back in 1957, when the footballers played 42 league games, and three games in four days over Easter. AND Xmas Day and Boxing Day. when teams like Spurs were decimated on the Home international days when for example missing from the first team were Brown, Mackay, White Scotland Blanchflower NI Jones and Medwin Wales and Smith and Norman England Thats 8 (eight ) first XI that were replaced by the reserves who only got a game when injuries or home international were played.No games postponed until the mid 60’s when you could call it off if three or more players were selected (IIRC)

These players used to come out of the ground on Friday lunchtime and go into the White Hart pub, and talk to the fans who regularly hung around for autographs, which i might add  you could read!! not like the scribble you get nowadays if you are lucky enough to for them to stop and wind down the window of the new 4×4 or Bentley. They live in a different world to back then and its not for the better.

So Dave you don’t like it when we boo at the end of the game.

Tell me you go into a restaurant and get served up a shit meal. Do you

1)Moan at the time

2)Eat it and not complain and tell the chef it was OK?

You take your car in for a service and they return it dirty and covered in oil,and they say sorry but we just couldn’t be arsed to do it properly. Do you

1)complain or

2)say  OK i understand thanks see you in 6 months?

Because if the answers is 2 then you have a serious problem

The bottom line is I pay nearly  1K to see a PROFESSIONAL football team do a job they are paid an obscene amount of money per week for just 90 mins work. These are Supposedly Top drawer performers and yet we are turned over by by teams who are mostly composed of ‘Who the fuck is he???’ players. As I have said earlier I can take it on the chin when we get 2/3 points out of 30 from the likes of Chelsea,The Mancs Pool and Arse, as  we have been doing that for years, but i cannot forgive or forget the rolling over to Newcastle,WBA and Stoke, and i fear there will be more to come this season, so you had better accept the booing you will endure while you are clapping like a sycophant, because you don’t want to hurt their feelings??? Oh FFS, if only they had 0.000001% of the feelings i and many more of us have for the club, i would possibly give them some slack. but they are just hired hands who are working for the best buck they can make, Even the club refers to them as servants. Nothing more ,nothing less.

If they do not perform then I as a paying customer am entitled to voice my opinion LOUDLY I cannot get my money back under the trade descriptions Act. I have to sit through shit like Sunday and watch them  trouser more money in a week that you or i earn in a year AND you have the gall to criticise me for telling those lazy bastards some home truths???

They are cossetted beyond belief, and its the likes of you who think that giving them some stick will have a negative effect. I was behind them on Sunday until the 95th minute then I stopped. I had done my bit to help, but they didn’t want it or respond to it.

My Fault?? I think not


Now that’s what I call a magnificent reply.



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  1. Barnaby Rudge says:

    Years ago there was a song “Who the f+++ is Alce“ so dont mind me asking but “Who the f+++ is DAVE?.

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