In an attempt to find out about Spurs supporters from a all walks of life, we sent 20 Questions and we look at their replies.  First up, Mr. Alex Alexandrou, the Cyprus Spurs Supporters Club Secretary.


1. What is your name?     Alex Alexandrou

2. What is your position in the CSSC committee?     Club Secretary

3. What is your daily job?(work)          I am a Shipping Agent in Limassol.

4. How long have you been living in Cyprus?        Since 1977

5. When did you start supporting Tottenham Hotspur?       Since 1960

6. What was the first game you saw live?           WHL – Spurs vs Derby 1971

7. What is the most exciting moment you always cherish, from your Spurs memory?          Winning the Cup 1991

8. Where is the weirdest place (unusual location) you watched Spurs?        Home

9. Which footballer, past or present, is your all-time favourite?      This is not a fair question,too many to choose from,  thus I am unable to answer.

10. What is your all-time favourite goal? When and against which team was it scored?        Pat Jennings scoring against  Alex Stepney (Manchester Utd)

11. Who is, in your opinion, the all-time best manager at Spurs?       Bill Nicholson

12. When was your last visit to White Hart Lane?         January 2011

13. Where is your favourite seating position at WHL?        Have none

14. Configure an 11-man team with 3 substitutes, representing your all-time favourite Spurs players in a formation of your choosing!                 Impossible to configure, I can name at least 42 players all equal. That 3 full squads with 3 subs in each team. Sorry

15. For the season 2011 – 12, who do you nominate as Spurs Player of the Year?      Ekotto

16. What do you think Spurs will achieve in the 2012 – 13 season?               Depends on if we qualify for CL or not.

17. Who would you like to see playing in a Spurs shirt in the new season?           Van Persie (we need a prolific goal scorer and he is the only one)

18. Who’s name will you have embossed on your new shirt?          Ekotto

19. Which Spurs chant on the terraces is your favourite?            Stand up if you hate…..

20. What item in your possession related to Tottenham Hotspur, do you consider your personally most valuable? (not monetary value)            Bill Nicholson’s Spurs book signed by the man himself.

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