Submitted by Alex

There are 2 schools in football and this also applies to Spurs. One school is of the opinion that these days competitions such as Capital One Cup are insignificant and of no real importance. As a matter of fact such competitions are a distraction from the more important competitions such as the Premier League and possibly, and I repeat possibly, the FA Cup. Those teams who adopt this idea are the teams that field weaker teams and as a result have been knocked out of the Capital One Cup competition.

The other school is of the opinion that they should go for all the competitions with the hope that they will achieve obtaining something. Those teams field their regular players with the exception of 1 or 2 outfield players. The question I ask myself is which of the 2 schools is Spurs?

What I want to believe may not necessarily be the truth. Spurs are no longer a mid table team. Spurs are destined for greater things and that’s what keeps me going. The main hurdle is that of the new stadium. Solve that and several other problems will automatically be solved i.e. wages, attracting top flight players etc etc. Unfortunately we have not been able to catch up with the times and we are always one step behind our main rivals. Also the fact that we don’t have a rich “sugar daddy” counts for a lot. I want to believe that Spurs are of the school that no real importance should be given to insignificant competitions.

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