The Cyprus Spurs Supporters Club (CSSC) was formed in 2006 with the intention of bringing together and uniting all Spurs Supporters and is the first English Premier League Supporters Club in Cyprus.

The club lets all its members know which pubs are showing Spurs games either via email and also on the website. We do not have a ‘home’ location in Cyprus as it is only a small island but we do however have dedicated Tottenham Hotspur pubs in the districts of Larnaca, Nicosia, Limassol,  and Paphos. The club also organises various events during the season at the official pubs, with supporters travelling to attend these events. Most dedicated host pubs offer a discount on all non-discounted food and drink to all members upon production of a valid membership card.

If you’re a Tottenham Hotspur fan and live in Cyprus or visit the island frequently, join the Cyprus Spurs Supporters Club today!

You can also find us on the Official Tottenham Hotspur website in the Fanzone section.

Your Spurs Supporters Club Team in Cyprus:


With Steffen Iverson

CSSC Chairman – Terry Charalambous with Steffen Iverson

Mr. Terry Charalambous

Tel: 99594258


To know more about Terry, please read his 20 Questions & Answers on our blog.








Mobile: (00357) 99 751019
I am British, 65 years old, married with three children living in Limassol.  I am a Forex Manager and Author and have been a Spurs supporter since 1961
My first Spurs game; I was nine and walked up from South Tottenham with my Uncle; approaching the ground was a total new experience, there was the wafting through the air of the cooked onions in hot dogs, or burgers; the programme sellers were almost incoherent, shouting one word “Program”; Then there were the rosette sellers; Spurs and Sheffield Wednesday side by side.
Then the there was the movement to the main entrance to see if anyone famous would be there, maybe catch a glimpse of one of the players. Then onto the queues and through the turnstile at the Park Lane End, the rush was on to find something to lean on or get as near to the pitch as possible.  Wrapped up against the cold October winds with my Spurs scarf and bobble hat on just waiting until the teams emerged from the tunnel, rattle in hand making the most horrible clacking noise along with ten thousand others who had the same idea.  ‘Come on you Spurs’ followed by ‘Glory Glory Hallelujah’. The match began, we lost 2-1 but from thereon it was a place I would call home.



Mr. Polys Polyviou

Tel: 99428864



PETER CHEYNE – Club Manager


Mobile: (00357) 99 022247

66 old, born in Hampton Middlesex U.K.; married to Susan, retired & living in Paphos. 2 Children and 4 grandchildren. A retired Managing Director and Sales & Marketing Consultant working in the Motor, Transport & Logistics industry for 44 years.

My first visit to WHL was with my Dad, I was 10 years old, it was Weds 29th August 1962 in the East Stand upper against Aston Villa, Spurs won 4-2 and with a crowd of 55,650. I was hooked & from the age of 14 became a regular at White Hart Lane making the trek from Hampton by bus, train & long walk up the Severn Sisters Rd.

In the late 70’s and I had a season ticket, then in the 80’s my then employer had a box at WHL which I managed for 10 years, I met many of the Spurs players, Management & backroom staff and enjoyed many corporate events. I was so lucky.

Many hundreds of home and away games later I settled in Cyprus with Susan and was delighted to be involved locally and nationally with the CSSC. I now watch from afar the development and growth of our wonderful club and new stadium, I hope for continued improvements on and off the field. A trophy or two would be nice…

Mr. Peter Savvas - CSSC Paphos Representative

PETER SAVVAS – Club Secretary


Mobile: (00357) 99 932095

I am 62 years old British London born Cypriot with dual nationality. . I am married to Maro, and between us we have 4 grown up children and 5 Grandchildren.

I am a retired London Metropolitan Police Officer. Having completing my 30 years of service in the Police Force I moved to Cyprus in 2010 and live in Paphos, soon after moving I became involved with the Spurs Supporters Club in Paphos and before becoming Club Secretary I enjoyed 4 happy years as the local Club Manager.

I have been a Spurs supporter since I was at primary school and that seems a very very long time ago. I went to my first Spurs game on 9th September 1967, we were playing Sheffield Wednesday and we won 2-1. I remember standing in the enclosure in the West Stand, right at the front holding the rails, the friend I went with told me that it was normal to run onto the pitch at the end of the game and touch as many players as possible, which I did, a great but naughty experience; just as well I wasn’t arrested !

BILL HIBBERD – Committee Member

Tel: (00357) 99765354

AMY CRAMP – Committee Member – Social Media

Tel: (00357) 99289285     Email:

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